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Samar e Urdu Aaroo Amli Qaida (Hissa Doem)


Samar e Urdu (Early years) has been designed in a way that would captivate the child’s interest and develop his love for the Urdu language. The books are colourful with clear illustrations and interactive tasks. This series is divided into two parts, Samar e Urdu for Early years and Samar e Urdu for Primary. Samar e Urdu Early years is a journey from sounds to letters and from letters to words. Rhymes have been included in the books to make reading fun. The focus is on enhancing the child’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Specific instructions are provided in the books to assist the teachers. The series consists of 3 reader and 4 workbooks. The workbooks are mapped out strategically considering the writing progression for the young ones.

Samar e Urdu Early Years consists of 4 titles, Shehtoot (Ibtidai Qaida), Kaila Darsi and Amli Qaida (Hissa Awal), Aaroo Darsi and Amli Qaida (Hissa Dom), Aamrood Darsi and Amli Qaida (Hissa Soum).

Class: Senior Infant

ISBN: 978-969-677-030-5

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